Staging information has arrived!

My staging information has arrived!!

Staging is kind of a pre-departure day-long meeting full of paperwork and information for Peace Corps invitees before they fly to their country of service. Lots of meeting new people, lots of safety information, lots of fun (maybe?).

The staging for the Morocco group is set for Philadelphia on Monday, Jan. 14, 2013. As there are no flights from Marquette that leave early enough to get me there by the noon registration time, I’ll be flying out of Marquette on the day before, Sunday, and spending an extra night in the hotel. As a group we will then travel to New York via bus to catch our evening flight to Morocco.

I got an email from Peace Corps today requesting that I contact their travel agency immediately to set up my flight, which I did. Now I get to start organizing and packing and filling out paperwork in earnest! And also amassing all the various items I need for my trip.

And learning some more Arabic.

And finish Christmas shopping. It’s my last one here for a while, so I want to make it a good one.

Did I mention paperwork? Packing? Maybe once my brain calms down a bit.

new backpack

P.S. Shiny and awesome new hiking backpack is here! I love it!

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