Rabat and training!

The medina.

The medina.

Training has been busy, coupled with the fact that 96 Americans attempting to use the hotel’s WIFI network at once leads to things crashing repeatedly, I have not been online much at all. But today we had the full day off and after walking around for the morning, I’m digesting lunch and relaxing in the room while most of the others are out sightseeing.

Since arriving, our days are a long stream of language lessons (which are awesome, by the way), vaccinations and Peace Corps training where we talk about our roles as volunteers and how to start clubs and poop. Actually, we haven’t talked about poop yet, but tomorrow is our session on gastrointestinal issues. Get excited.

Language lessons, what they are calling “survival language” at this point, are taught by Moroccans, many of them in their 20s, known as our language and culture facilitators. We have been split into small groups of five or six, the same groups we will be in for our community-based training, which will be the first 10 weeks of our service. Those facilitators are provided with a house in the same community our host families live in and we will meet with them for about eight hours a day doing all language.

So far my group has learned greetings, how to say “I am a Peace Corps volunteer,” numbers up to 10, how to say where we are from, simple stuff that I find very hard to remember, particularly if I actually have to speak to someone.

Also, Becky, I still haven’t found the Moroccan equivalent of “jin-jin” but if you want to say “It’s no problem,” you say “mooshi mooshkil.”

Besides trying to communicate with less language skill than a 1-year-old, I have also found out my training community! My group is being placed in a town of about 20,000 up in the mountains! Each small group is put into smaller communities around larger cities, so we get the small community experience and also experience with larger cities, which we will have to go to for some training sessions.

Today we had the day off from training, so I went with a bunch of other Americans to wander around Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco. We went into the medina, which is the walled section of the city and houses the market, as well as the beach.

We still have a few days in Rabat, but I’m so excited to go to our host families. Being in the hotel with everyone else (each of whom are awesome individuals) makes the trip so far feel a bit like a school trip and I’m anxious for the real training to begin! Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts! I’m missing you all and I hope you are well!

The ocean! The Atlantic.

The ocean! The Atlantic.

The sun came out.

The sun came out.

A tiny alley in the medina.

A tiny alley in the medina.

Another door.

A door into the old city walls, the entrance to the medina.

The street our hotel is on.

The street our hotel is on.


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One thought on “Rabat and training!

  1. Dad

    Monday, Jan 21, 2013
    So glad to hear your enthusiasm about Morocco and learning new things. Learning a new language would be very hard but you have the tenacity to make it happen. Now vaccinations must be a real pain in the arm or rump or where ever they give them. You are brave, your whole world is being set back you even need to learn about poop and gastrointestinal issues. But you know what they say “mooshi mooshkil.

    It’s fweezing here- below 0 – even too cold for Boefy – I think her feet got too cold on our walk this morning several times she would just lay down and try to curl up in a ball to stay warm. I think the Bob Harp tape you gave me are really working – I stayed warm and did not feel chilly at all- even skied without a coat -only my skin on my face felt as if it may be getting burnt.

    Working at upstairs table today – too dreary in the man cave and need some sunshine. Sue and Andrew are up as well. Mom should be home soon to take Opa for a check up- he looks good and moves well about the house. He needs a little bit of your ambition though, to Push through it – perhaps he needs a Bob Harper coaching him.

    We miss you – will look into Skype calls today.


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