August 20, 3013

It seems like when PCVs get together, our talk centers on some pretty reliable topics – our work, what we miss about America, our poop (no lie). At camp, our group of seven volunteers held in-depth discussions on weird/unpleasant things prolonged stress does to your body (boils, hair loss, insomnia).

The other thing we talked about were bucket lists and all the things we wanted to do before the end of our lives. If you couldn’t tell, Peace Corps people are kind of all about big, life-changing, landmark experiences.

Anyway, while waiting for our “spectac” talent show to start, I sat down and started working on mine, so I though I would share, in case anyone out there wants to fund some of my future vacation plans.

First, some things that would have been on my bucket list if I had though to write the actual list before completing them:

  • join Peace Corps
  • attend a unicycle conference
  • go camping with friends
  • be healthy
  • learn to knit
  • go to France
  • see a musical on Broadway
  • write for a living
  • have my own apartment
  • go on a long road trip by myself
  • be in marching band
  • go to college
  • run a half marathon

And the things that are on my list:

  • complete Peace Corps with a successful service
  • be a feisty old lady, the kind still tearing around on her own at 100 years old
  • work in a library
  • go to grad school
  • write a novel
  • visit all 50 states
  • see the Grand Canyon
  • got to England
  • go to Ireland
  • go to Scandenavia
  • live without a car
  • go to Disney
  • see the redwood forest
  • meet Kermit the Frog
  • read the Bible straight through
  • read all of the Wheel of Time series
  • go to a really famous symphony orchestra concert
  • run a marathon
  • complete a long backpacking trip
  • have a 50th wedding anniversary with someone
  • complete a long bike trip
  • adopt a pet (probably a cat, but who knows)
  • go to New Zealand
  • go to Iceland
  • to to a tropical island
  • spoil nieces and nephews
  • learn to make cheese
  • have a big garden full of vegetables
  • go to Yellowstone
  • keep playing French horn, even as a feisty old lady
  • own a piano/become marginally decent at playing it
  • own a really nice camera
  • play with a really good handbell choir
  • encounter a movie star somewhere unexpected
  • learn how to keep bees
  • spend an entire day sitting in a bookstore and/or coffee shop with a new book
  • think of a really good close of service trip (it’s what you do after Peace Corps)
  • ride a camel in the desert
  • photograph a goat in a tree (I’ve seen them, but no pictures yet)
  • go zip lining
  • reach the 100+ donation mark for donating blood
  • own a house and paint the front door a crazy color


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2 thoughts on “August 20, 3013

  1. Kellie Jean

    I will definitely help you with some of these! Like going to Disney where we might meet Kermit…I could also help you with the work in a library one ;o)

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