My name is Johanna. Welcome to my blog! I’m a youth development volunteer with Peace Corps in Morocco, working in a local Dar Chebab, or youth center. On a typical day my life includes anything from teaching English classes to playing games to figuring out how to convert ryals to dirhams at the local market. I’m here for two years, and I hope you’ll follow along for the adventure!

Disclaimer: The contents of this page, and all links appearing on this page, do not represent the positions, views or intents of the U.S. Government, or the United States Peace Corps.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Cathy Seblonka

    Hi, Johanna. Your Mom linked me to your blog. I enjoyed your writing and the photos. I will stay tuned in. Peace, Cathy S

  2. Faye Elder

    Hello Johanna from Faye at First Pres in Marquette! I had dinner with your Grandfather Peter, last week at Miriam Hilton’s home. He is so very proud of you. Please know that our Church is praying for your experience there! Also for Grampa’s health & healing. I will look forward to reading your Blog.
    (your Father sent to me).
    Take care & be well!
    Faye Elder

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